All kennels have A/C and heating

<---The Family Kennel

We have 4 family kennels. Inside room is 8 x 12 with a raised 8 x 4 bench
96 sq feet inside/252 sq feet outsie/348 sq feet total

Each kennel has a doggie door that leads to an attached 12 x 21 outdoor space and are designed for even the most persistent escape artists.
Outdoor run area also has a raised bench as well.
Your pet will be safe with us.

One acre turnout yard fully fenced to contain dogs .
Kennels are large enough for "family groups".
These kennels have a view of the acre play yard as well as farm activity 
Dogs are turned out twice a day and once on Sunday.
This extra large space is ideal for family units.

The Medium Kennel--->

The medium kennel is housed within the family kennel building. 
This kennel is 9 x 5 with a 5 x 4 raised bench suited for one dog
but large enough for multiple family dogs. 
It has an attached outside run which is 10 x 13
130 sq feet outside/45 sq feet inside/175 sq feet total

Dogs are turned out twice a day and once on Sunday

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