The Family Kennel- see pictures below

All kennels have A/C and heating

We have 4 family kennels. Inside room is 8 x 12 with a raised 8 x 4 bench

Each kennel has a doggie dog that leads to an attached 12 x 21 outdoor space and are designed for even the most persistent escape artists. Outdoor run area also has a raised bench as well.
Your pet will be safe with us.

One acre turnout yard fully fenced to contain dogs . Kennels are large enough for "family groups".
These kennels have a view of the acre play yard as well as farm activity, cows, horses, etc. 
Dogs are turned out twice a day and once on Sunday.

This extra large space is ideal for family units. The first dog is $17 the second one is $15 all subsequent dogs are $12 a day. If you want more room for your single dog, the cost is $32 a day due to the fact that is more than double the size of our kennel for single dog kennel.

Clients can bring dogs bedding.

The Medium Kennel

The medium kennel is housed within the family kennel building.  This kennel is 9 x 5 with a 5 x 4 raised bench suited for one dog but large enough for multiple family dogs.  It has an attached outside run which is 10 x 13. Dogs are turned out twice a day and once on Sunday

This kennel starts at $25  with discounts for multiple dogs staying in the same kennel
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