Luxury Suites for Dogs and Cats

Luxury Suite Style A
96 sq feet inside/50 sq feet outside/146 total square feet

These suites are designed to give your dog or cat the quiet, peaceful at home experience while away from home. 8 x12 bedroom.
Twin bed with steps if needed. Large 6ft window to let in light and a view of the outside world for his or her entertainment. AC/heating unit. Weather permitting, they have an open screened door and overhead fan for fresh air. Dog door leads to a small space to use the bathroom at any time. Music for their comfort if desired. Can be turned out in a large yard to play alone or with a compatible dog if both owners agree. Extra charge may apply. This room is perfect for the dog and cat in your family that enjoy staying together.

Dog door leads to a 5 x10 outdoor area

Luxury Suite Style B
66 sq feet inside/ 25 sq feet outside/ 91 total sq feet

This Luxury suite is specifically for the smaller dog or cat.  5.5 x 12 bedroom with a covered outside 5 x 5 grassy area. Now even your cat can have an outdoor exercise space.  This kennel is for lower energy dogs, small dogs, older dogs, and less social dogs. Dog door is for dogs up to 85lbs
Dog can be taken to the outdoor play area for an extra fee.

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Contract for Luxury Suites (Rules and Stipulations)